Does your computer: Run Slow? Freeze Up? Display Error Messages?
A “High-Tech Computer Tune-Up” could be the answer.
Normal, everyday use can cause your computer to slow down when dust accumulates in the wrong places and programs get installed and uninstalled. Loss of power or incorrect shut-downs can cause files to fragment and become un-useable. Computer viruses are becoming rampant and there is always the possibility that one has taken up residence in your machine. Restore your productivity with this important computer maintenance!

• Sweep for Virus
• Optimize Registry
• Remove Unnecessary Temp Files
• Remove Unused Programs
• Remove Erroneous Start-Up Files
• Defragment Hard Drive
• Clean Dust from entire PC
• Simple Upgrades (install RAM)

All Updates including:
Windows and BIOS updates

Remote Charge $79.00

On site Charge $90.00
 Per Hour


Download Remote Control Software

** Warning **
Remote Control software will allow our technician
 to take control of your pc and evaluate your system or do a repair remotely.


   File Downloads  

NOTE: Due to the vast number of issues that can cause computer problems, the “High-Tech Computer Tune-Up” may or may not solve your particular problem.


Download Remote

 Control Software

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